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About Me In Matrimony For Girl & Boy

Matrimonial sites have a online registration process, in which about yourself section is present. People search this term on google "about me in matrimony" and "about me for matrimony". When it comes to create a awesome matrimonial profile, first step is to create bio data for marriage. If the children are of marriageable age, how will you get to know, by the parents from the stress on their face because, in India, marriage is an important issue, yes it is an issue if you are of marriageable age and your parents are working hard?. So in this stress and to low it, they end up registering their child’s profile on the matrimonial site. The registration process is simple and free after the registration but one challenge come and that challenge is writing the profile description. A profile description tells about you as a person like about your family background, education, professional career, hobbies or interest but what if the description you have given does not work out. What kind of profile description or about me would be great enough to give you the maximum response? So in here, we are with 5 matrimonial profile descriptions.

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1.  I Am A Career Oriented Girl

I am a career oriented girl |


"I am a 26 year old 5’5’’ tall, slim woman, based in Delhi. I have MBBS degree from AIMS and an MS from New York. I am currently practicing as a cardiologist in a well-reputed hospital of Delhi. I intend to pursue my career after marriage and looking for someone who will appreciate living with a progressive, independent woman. I love reading books and co0llecting the antiques."


2.  I Am An Educated Girl But Not Working

I am an educated girl but not working |


"I have a master degree in fine arts from Delhi University and preparing for Net, want to pursue PhD. further. I am trained in classical music and use to teach it also but in part time without any fees. With music I love painting; several of paintings have been selected at the international level for the exhibition. I love spending time with my family and like to cook new cuisines for them."


3.  A Widow Woman With A Child

A widow woman with a child |


"I am IT professional based in Mumbai, working in as a senior software engineer. My husband expired in a plane crash two years ago, that point broke me fully but my daughter gave me the reason to be strong. My 4 years daughter keeps me busy with her but when I get time I use to pursue my hobby of cooking. I have supportive parents, I believe in accepting the variables and live with them happily."          




4.  I Am A Divorced Man With No children

I am a divorced man with no children |


"I am a tall, handsome, and decent looking 32-year-old person, trying my luck to find the true partner again. I married five years ago but due to different lifestyles and way of living life things didn’t work out so with mutual consent we took divorce. I am an IT professional working in a US based MNC, Bangalore. My way of living is simple and I believe in true ethics."


5.  I Am A Well Educated Man Bounded With Wheel Chair

I am a well educated man bounded with wheel |


"I am a 31 years old fair looking person working in an MNC, Gurgaon. I have a degree in engineering from NIT. I lost my legs about 6 years ago in a disastrous car accident, from it I survived physically but mentally I had to face lots of problems, but after continuous effort and support from my family I regained myself and started working the way I used to do. I am financially independent and strong person and pursue my hobby of photography side by side. I enjoy life it is the greatest extent."



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