FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1.  How to login?

Ans. To login yourself at Vivahsanyog.com, you have to fill the Registration form or Signup form with all the asked details. After filling the Signup form completely you will get a mail to your registered email address, from there you will get your Member ID and password. You can log in after that through your registered email Id and password.

Q2.  How to contact other members being a free member?

Ans. If you are a free member and want to contact other members, for this just go through the profile you like, there would be an Express Interest button, just click there. After that to the member, you have sent the Express Interest will get a message that you liked his or her profile. When they will accept your request their verified contact number would be visible to you but if they don't their contact number would be not shown. 

Q3.  Being a paid member, how to contact other members?

Ans. If you are a paid member then utilizing your online service, the verified contact number of the member you are interested in would be visible to you, depending upon the package you have opted for, and you can contact them. After login, you can check the invitations you have sent, and also the person who has accepted your request.

Q4.  What If you are not getting the desired matches?

Ans. In case you are not getting the desired matches as per of your search then, first, check your partner preferences, fill the preferences you are looking for in your life partner. You can also mention to your partner preferences the age, weight, height, eating and drinking habit, interests etc.

Q5.  Can I search for a partner without login?

Ans. Yes. With Vivahsanyog.com you can search for a partner from Basic Search with the use of filters where you just to choose the preferences you want to be in your partner like height, age, interests, habits, state, country, caste and community wise etc.

Q6.  How to edit profile?

Ans. To upload your profile first of all login then go to "My Profile" choose the option of "Edit Profile" and then edit what you want to, you can also add some more details for the better responses.

Q7.  What if you forget password?

Ans.You can go to Forget Password, there you have to fill your registered Email Id or registered mobile number. After that, you will get an OPT on your entered registered mobile number or Email Id which you have to enter. Then by clicking on the Submit button, your new password would be sent to your registered mobile or Email Id.

Q8.  Do You Serve For People Of Specific Religion?

Ans. No, Vivahsanyog Matrimonial Services is a Professional Matchmaking Organisations which serves to all the religion and caste whereas per of the requirement of clients as per their partner preference where all the members are served with equal guidance and facilities individually.