Why You Need A Personalised Match Maker To Send You Profiles Of Your Wish


March 27,2019

Why You Need A Personalised Match Maker To Send You Profiles Of Your Wish

How Our Personalised Match Makers Works | Personalised Service


What Is Personalised Service?

Personalised service is our most successful matrimonial service, which is initiated by Mr. Kuldeep Kohli(Founder Of Vivahsanyog.com), for those people who are looking forward to a serious commitment to getting married. We have the people’s choice(‘new’) matrimonial service(personalised service) for everyone, who don’t like or tired of using online services of other matrimonial sites including big matrimonial websites.

We have four types of personalised service:-

1. VS-Elite

2. VS-Elite Plus

3. VS-Super Elite

4. VS-Super Elite Plus

If you would like to know about these packages in detail, you can call us at +91-8527810777, +91-9599688783.


You Will Be Assigned A Relationship Manager(Personalised)

Our relationship managers are best in the business among all. The main reason we dominate in personalised service is our relationship managers. They really work very hard, our success stories are proof of their work. We really had a blast in 2018 i.e the number of marriages fixed by our relationship managers is on the highest till now.

Once you chose your package from our personalised service, you will get a welcome call first. A relationship manager will be allotted to you. They will work on your profile, they will send you matches according to match preferences given by you. Then, after your approval, your profile will be shown to those profiles with whom you want to proceed. Then, arrange meetings with prospective bride/grooms and also, take the feedback from both families.

Our relationship managers also assists you to create a marriage biodata, Creating an attractive biodata for marriage is most important to get more eyeballs on your matrimonial profile.

Matrimonial Biodata | Marriage Bio Data | Marriage Biodata For Boy & Girl

Biodata For Girl | Bio Data For Marriage | Marriage Biodata

Most people usually face some problems while writing their about me section while creating their matrimonial profile. Vivahsanyog.com comes up with the blog explaining how to write about me in matrimony. We have also written some about me samples and profiles descriptions.


Message By Our Owner Shilpi Kohli:-

“We send you profiles neither you can reject nor can they reject you.”

This is our success mantra and will continue to work on the path where our owner directs us because they are best in the business. We started our website and matchmaking in 2010! In spite of the presence of some already established matrimonial sites like shaadi, jeevensathi, bharat matrimony. They established themselves because we guaranty no other matrimonial site gives you services like our personalised service. That’s why our personalised service stands out among all matrimonial services.


Send You Matches & Regular Follow-Ups

Your relationship manager will do an expert search, identify, short-list and contact prospective life partner on behalf of you and also, helps in arranging meetings, which eventually leads to a successful marriage. Your relationship manager will send you some matches, according to the search preference provided by you. You will get regular profiles of your choice.

Also, your relationship manager(personal matchmaker) also tracks responses, monitors matching profiles and keep you informed on a regular basis.


Meetings In Our Office Lounge

A question must be arising in your mind now- Why are we arranging meetings in our office lounge? The answer is simple. Not every meeting lead to marriage. Sometimes it takes 3-4 meetings to fix a marriage, sometimes 10 or even more. If we help you to arrange a meeting on neutral places(any hotel or restaurant or any other suitable place). Every time, you have to pay the bill either you will take coffee and snacks or lunch or dinner. Even you didn’t like the profile after meeting, still, you have to pay for it which result in disappointment.

In our office, we provide full assistance in the meeting like calling both parties, arranging space for relatives and separate discussion room where a prospective bride and groom can have a conversation privately. Also, we provide tea/coffee/cold drink for FREE.

If you are a paid client(personalised service beneficiary), you don’t need to pay for the meeting. If you are a free member, either you need to pay our meeting charges or you need to play a wait and watch game. Because our personalised matchmakers only work on paid client first(prior base). If our paid clients like your profile(free member).  Then we will send you a profile of the paid member because we have to arrange a meeting for our paid member. A disadvantage of being a free member is you have to wait for a long time for a meeting sometimes it takes less or sometime it may take several months to arrange a single meeting. So, being a paid member gives you many advantages and your meetings will be arranged regularly. You don’t have to play wait and watch game. Only, you need to be in touch with your relationship manager(personalised matchmaker).




So, if you are a free member. Start with our basic package and you will see the change. Regular meetings will be arranged in our office lounges which eventually leads to a successful marriage and another success story will be added. Moreover, 2018 was considered the best for vivahsanyog.com members. The reason behind our success is personalised matchmaking service which no other matrimonial site can provide.





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