What Make Vivahsanyog Matrimonial Service Different From Others


November 23,2019

What Make Vivahsanyog Matrimonial Service Different From Other Matrimonial Service Providers

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Here Is Why Vivahsanyog.com Matrimonial Services Are Much Better Than Rest Of The Others

Here are few points to be shared with you, which can prove that vivahsanyog matrimonial services are far better than the rest of matrimonial service providers.


Amount Lesser Than Others

Vivahsanyog personalised services are far better than others and we have a proof for that which we have shared earlier in our blog section. If you talk about personalised services, we are certainly the best and our actions speak louder than words. We have a dedicated person devoted to comparing the price and services offered in the personalised service packages.

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Check our prices for personalised services here(https://www.vivahsanyog.com/PersonalizedService.aspx) and don’t forget to check duration also. You can compare the price by yourself only to validate the same.


Qualified & Professional Relationship Managers

We have explained earlier how good our relationship managers are. We have our paid clients, who have experienced the service of our relationship managers. Our relationship managers are certainly better than the others. We got the feedback from the clients, who earlier opted for personalised services other than vivahsanyog.

Regularly, we send the feedback links to the clients so that we can get the need and requirements of the clients. The feedback given via links is directly checked by the director of the matrimonial company(Ms. Shilpi Kohli).


Directors' Involvement In Every Step

We can easily say that our director is very hardworking and take care of the clients by her own also. She never depends on the managers for the communication with the clients. She directly involves herself with the clients to know more about the requirements. If any client has any issue regarding the profiles or meetings or anything else. She never shies away from the complaint, she takes the necessary actions to meet the client's requirements. She is reachable easily and you can easily arrange an appointment with the director of the company(Ms. Shilpi Kohli). She has answered all the questions generally asked by the clients. Here is the written form of the interview.

(VIVAHSANYOG DIRECTOR MS. SHILPI KOHLI INTERVIEW IN WORDS- (I am Shilpi Kohli & I am Owner Of This Company Vivahsanyog.com. Here, I am giving you some direct answers to all common questions, the clients generally asks and clear all your doubts.)

Message From Our Director(Ms. Shilpi Kohli):- “We send you profiles neither you can reject nor can they reject you”


No Hidden Terms & Conditions

 We have our terms and conditions which we offer to every paid client so that everything is crystal clear between us and our clients. We have few complaints earlier from our clients stating that other matrimonial service provider doesn’t provide their full terms and conditions, they had some hidden terms and conditions. So, keeping this in mind, we hand over the all the terms and conditions directly to the clients to make everything clear. We don’t have any hidden terms and conditions.


No Fake Profiles & False Promises

I want to start this- We believe in this.-“Prospective clients can not be tailor-made.” So, to make you happier, we never compromise with the quality of our work. We send you matches, that perfectly suits your requirement and your profile will be sent to those, which suits their preferences. We make this process smooth, we have enough number of profiles to make you happy and arrange your meetings. No fake profiles will be ever sent to you as everything is monitored by the director of the company.

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