Diwali Bumper Offer:- Free Horoscope Matching/Kundli Matching By Vivahsanyog


September 27,2019

Diwali Bumper Offer: Free Horoscope Matching/Kundli Matching By Vivahsanyog

Diwali Offer | Vivahsanyog Personalised Services | Horoscope/Kundli Matching FREE


Why Horoscope Match Is Necessary For Some?

Marriage is a turning point in the lives of two persons and also the families. Marriage is a companionship of two different persons, from different backgrounds and families. There are many rituals performed in our Hindu culture. Certainly, horoscope matching is one of them, which some parents do before taking the further step of marriage. According to astrologers, astrology plays an important role in person’s married life and that’s why horoscope matching is necessary.Vivahsanyog.com offers best matrimonial services to all the clients and assist them while searching a perfect life partner.

People use to check these factors in horoscope matching i.e compatibility between souls, financial stability, career prediction, happiness and health, any gunas


"If you purchase our personalised service package before Diwali, then we have this once in a life time offer for you. You will get only horoscope matched profiles in all the below mentioned personalised services."- DIWALI BUMPER OFFER


When Client Ask Us About The Horoscope Matching?

Once any client starts taking advantages of our personalised services. Firstly, we ask them whether they believe in horoscope matching or not? If no, then we take that case forward otherwise we handle it according to the service(which he/she have taken from us).

There are four packages in our personalised services, that are as follows:-

VS-Elite:- 2 Profiles/Week For 1 Year-    NO HOROSCOPE MATCHING PROFILES

VS-Elite Plus:- 3-4 Profiles/Week For 2 Years- NO HOROSCOPE MATCHING PROFILES

VS-Super Elite:- 5-6 Profiles/Week Till Maturation- NO HOROSCOPE MATCHING PROFILES

VS-Super Elite Plus:- Work On Priority Basis Till Maturation + Horoscope/Kundli Matching Profiles Only




BEFORE:- Among all, we provide horoscope matching/kundli matching only in VS-Super Elite Plus Services.

FOR DIWALI(NOW):- Horoscope/Kindli Matching in all the packages.

Clients have some profile in above three packages, because we send profiles from our side and then they match their horoscopes and reject the proposal because of no horoscope matching. But profile gets counted from our side in that week. It sometimes waste some time of our clients and they have complaints that we send profiles butt that is of no use of them because of no horoscope matching as horoscope matching profiles are not available in above three packages, only available in VS-Super Elite Plus(Worth 51,000/- INR)

You can call us to avail this diwali bumper offer.- +91-8527810777, +91-9599688783, 011-48840777, 011-48840740


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