Upcoming 17th Mega Matrimonial Event For All Professionals


July 29,2019

Upcoming 17th Mega Matrimonial Event For All Professionals

Matrimonial Event | Mega Matrimonial Event


We have successfully organised 16 matrimonial events. By the support and appreciation, we got from the clients, we feel very privileged to announce our next matrimonial event. The best thing is we were not planning for this event. Many clients were asking continuously to arrange next matrimonial event through website online chat support, emails, calls, whatsapp. After continuous hearing same thing by the clients, our director Shilpi Kohli decided to organise next event because of the demand and support shown by the clients.

Event Date:- 1September, 2019

Event Place:- ISKCON Auditorium, East Of Kailash, New Delhi

Event FEES:- 3333/- For Prospective Bride/Groom Along With 2 Family Members(Lunch/Snacks Included)

If you have never attended our video, you can see the highlights of our previous events.

BOOK YOUR SEATS NOW.(Call Us to Pay- +91-8527810777, +91-9599688783)

There are three kind of clients, who are interested but can’t attend the event.

  • Living outside Delhi

  • Living in Delhi, but can’t make it due to theirs schedule

We have approx. 380 people in our previous event. We are extending our reach this time to make it bigger than last one.


Storyline:- 15th Mega Matrimonial Event For Late Marriage & Re-Marriage

Storyline:- 14th Mega Matrimonial Event 

We are getting continuous feedbacks from our clients and today, we are sharing those important feedbacks with you.

We organise matrimonial events in Delhi. So only people living in Delhi can attend, and even people visit our matrimonial event from different cities too. But not in large numbers as our stats.

So, we have a new vision for those people who are residing outside delhi, who can’t reach here. They can only visit Delhi, after the arranging few meetings to maximise the chance of finding a perfect life partner. Not every single meetings converts into marriage(In some cases, the family decides in 1 meeting to finalise).

Even some people living in Delhi have some plans or emergency on that day, they are unable to visit our matrimonial event. But, they are interested in event to find a perfect life partner.

We are consistently getting feedback on this. So, what we have decided that we don’t limit our meetings to events only, even after you reach home with less number of meetings or no meetings. We will organise the meetings for those people in our office till all the meetings gets completed. This gives us a chance to finalise marriage.

As marriage finalisation is our ultimate goal. As you know, we get handsome maturation amount and big thing 1 success story added in our bucket. And you pay only for the event and we arrange your meetings even after event with NO CHARGE.

What can we do for you is:-

We prepare a power point presentation of the clients(according to the details given by you in a particular format).


If you are unable to come, but you are willing to attend our event. You can create an introductory video along with your family members. We can show those videos on a screen.

OFFER IS:- 1 Month Personalised Service For FREE(Worth 15,000/- INR)

You will get our personalised service(i.e worth 15,000/-) for one month if you can send us your introductory video. So that you can get maximum interest and we work on your profile for 1 month(FREE OF COST). We will arrange meetings for you in that one month also.


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