This Is How We Are Going To Organise Our Mega Matrimonial Event


August 10,2019

This Is How We Are Going To Organise Our Mega Matrimonial Event

Flow Of Our 17th Mega Matrimonial Event

All starts with the blessing of Lord Krishna, clients needs to enter the auditorium of the temple. We organised our previous mega matrimonial events on two places i.e Reddison Blu and Iskcon Temple. Our upcoming mega matrimonial event for all professionals.

Get details about this event in detail.-


1. Power Point Presentations

All starts with a power point presentation. Before 1/2 months, we announced the mega matrimonial event by calls, promotional messages, emails, social media promotions.

After your confirmation, we gather your all the details and prepare a power point presentations, sometimes we share a screenshot with you to verify all the details. Presentation will look like this:-

2. Profile Announcement

Our anchor will announce your name and you have to come forward when your name is announced. You can come along with your family members. There is a sofa on the stage where you need to sit along with your family members. After your profile announcement by the anchor, we give you a chance to explain your requirements and you can brief your profile on the mike. So, that every prospects gets a clarity about you and your requirements.

3. Profiles Shortlisting

When you enter in the auditorium, you will be given a notepad and a pen. When a profile is announced, if you like the profile and want to proceed for the meeting. You can put your case forward by writing the VS-ID on the notepad. You can write multiple VS-IDs if you want to proceed. After this round, you need to submit the notepad to the anchor, who can take your case forward.

4. Meeting Announcement By Anchor

You need to copy the VS-Ids which you noted on your notepad. Before submitting that page, you need to write down all the VS-Ids on another page. So that, you can check when your selected profiles will be announced by the anchors. If anchor missed any VS-Id, you can pin point that to our nearest team member. Anchor will announce that VS-Id also. We don’t want you to miss out any opportunity for the meeting.

You also need to write those VS-Ids who are interested in your profile and you would like to proceed for the meeting.

5. Face To Face Meetings

Now, our professionally qualified relationship managers will come into play. You need to submit that paper to the relationship managers. You will be called for your every meeting and that meeting will be under the eye of our experienced team(Already managed 16 mega matrimonial event).

6. Lunch

Between the procedure, we announce a 30-45 minute break for the lunch. We arranged a lunch for you. This is time consuming task and you must be feeling hungry in between. In the break, you can have your lunch and come back fresh and we continue the process.

7. Registrations For Walk-Ins

There is a scope of late entry in our matrimonial event. Suppose, you are passing by the auditorium and you enquired about our event. You just need to give your details(bride/groom) and you also need to pay the full amount. Your power point presentation will be made according to the details provided by you. Then you can participate in our ongoing process.

8. All Profile Shared Via Google Drive On Next Day

Suppose you missed out on some meetings and realized after reaching home that you should meet that prospect. You don’t need to be worry for that. Our aim is to fix marriages not to limit number of meetings. You will get all the profile details on the next day and you can share your interest with your relationship manager to take your case forward.

This time, we are introducing a self introductory video. If you can share your self introductory video, we will give you a super offer i.e you will get 1 month personalised service for FREE!!(Worth 15,000/- INR).



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