Questions Comes In Your Mind Which Stops You Taking Our Paid Services


December 02,2018

Questions Comes In Your Mind Which Stops You Taking Our Paid Services

I am Shilpi Kohli And I am the Owner Of This Company- Here, I am giving you some direct answers to all common questions, the client generally ask and clear all your doubts.



Why Should I Register Here?

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Our registration process is very easy and simple. Registration is totally FREE of cost. You can create your profile online by your own or you can send us your profile via WhatsApp, E-mail.


Free Membership Benefits |
FREE Registration
Weekly Match Alerts On Your Registered Email-id
You Can log in To Your Dashboard And Start Searching A Perfect Life Partner
You Can Send Express Interest And You Will Get Notified Via SMS, If Someone Sent You Express Interest.
Any Paid Member Can See Your Contact Number And Can Contact You.



Online Registration

You can click this link and enter your details.-
You need to complete all the details and enter all important information. Also, please enter small and descriptive about yourself section. You can take a help from my about me in matrimony samples. Don’t forget to update your latest photographs. Then, you can log in to your dashboard and start searching for a perfect life partner for you/anyone.

Registration Via E-mail OR Whatsapp

I am providing you a marriage biodata sample below. You just need to complete this and send us via mail at or you can also WhatsApp us at +91-8527810777 or +91-9599688783. Don’t forget to send your latest photographs along with this matrimonial biodata. After that, our executive will enter your profile and update all the information along with the photographs. And, we will share the login credential at the registered email-id and mobile number. Then, you can log in to your dashboard and avail our free features.


You can also request for our biodata format. You just need to write "biodata" on e-mail or whatspp. We will send you our biodata format and you just need to reply on the mail or whatsapp along with your latest photographs.
OUR WHATSAPP NUMBER:- +91-8527810777, +91-9599688783

Which Kind Of Service Do You Provide?

If you need a assistance to search a perfect soulmate. I provide matrimonial services to our clients, which helps them to find a perfect one on our matrimonial site.
We provide three type of services, which are as follows:-
Among these services, I recommend you to choose personalised service. As, I have a dedicated set of team which comprises of Relationship Manger, Sales Manager along with relationship executives. You will be assigned a relationship manager, who will work on your profile, stay in touch with you and send you matches according to your match preferences. Then, meetings will be arranged in our office lounge and finalize marriage also. You will get assistance from my team till the last step in finalizing marriage.
Also, if you have any complaint or you are unhappy at any stage. As an owner, it is my responsibility to talk to you personally and then, talk to my team individually. I don’t want to leave a stone unturned and I really want you to be happy & feel satisfied with our services.

Why The Profile Quantity’s Is Too Less In Your Packages?

Number Of Meetings By Vivahsanyog
If someone asks me this question. Wait a second, I have a counter question for you. You give me a simple answer. My counter question is “Do You Believe In Quantity Or Quality?
My answer is simple. I believe in the quality of profiles rather than quantity. With the help of my IT team, I am able to create a search engine for handling all the database and profiles and we can use the filters for sending you some profiles according to your search preference. So that, my team can send you profiles which suits you the most.
Message from my side to my team is-“Send those profiles to clients neither you can reject nor they can reject you.”
It has no meaning if I send you many profiles, which is irrelevant to you and for them also. I can send you the quantity of profiles too to make you happier. But, that happiness will not last longer, if you look at all the profiles individually because that is all irrelevant profiles. In the end, you will able to find only 1 or 2 profiles after analyzing and matching all the profiles. That’s why my focus is quality rather than quantity.
When I started my matrimonial website back in 2010, the plan was different. But after 2013, we focussed on personalised service and quality profiles. Due to that, I am able to arrange more meetings than I thought at that time. I want to congratulate my hard-working team for that. They deserve the full credit. I want to disclose yearly meetings in our office after 2013.
Meetings arranged in our office lounge yearly:-

2014:- 982

2015:- 1678

2016:- 2465

2017:- 3570


2018:- Still In Process. Great Result this year too. Still, One month to go. So, I will reveal this later.

Also, my target is to achieve more in 2019. The target will be on higher side next year. More meetings will be arranged, more success stories we have. This is our success mantra.
To pat behind my team’s back, I have many success stories. Few of them, listed on our website too. You can check that too. Many more to come next year. My target is on the higher side…………………..

Why Amount Of The Services Are Too High?

I have huge number of clients, who were being registered on other big matrimonial sites and some even paid 100 or 200 percent higher than our package, taking their elite services and they were not able to arrange even a meeting even taking very higher amount and I got complaints that they got a call to renew their service before the expiration also. If they don’t renew, then all the services are discontinued after that.
I am not saying, I have a package of low amount. My packages are not on the higher side also like other matrimonial companies have. You can compare that also. While comparing the price, compare the service also.
Also, the first question I asked them is.-”How many meetings were arranged by those matrimonial companies?” The answer I hear from them is surprising and but not me, as I am in this industry since 2010!! I analyzed this industry closely and know the answers too.
But here I promise, meetings will be arranged from our side and that too in our office lounge. I don’t want anyone to complain about my company to anyone. I have a quality team working on your profile. Your calls will be answered, your all queries will be resolved.
Still not satisfied, you can talk to me directly and share your queries.
We too offer elite services to our clients which includes Gun Milan, Astrology, Profile verification which no one in the industry offers and much affordable price than others.

What Is The Difference Between Your Company And Other Matrimonial Companies?

I have explained this above also.
More explanation here:-
Compare our packages with others and don’t forget to compare the duration of the package. I am sure no company can offer such price which we offer for maturation.
No company can work the way we do. A coordinator will be assigned to you and they will update you individually on call. A coordinator will stay in touch with you not only via SMS, WhatsApp or mail, But they take your feedback and send you matches according to your search preference.
I repeat, here again, I never ever comprise on quality of profiles. As an owner, my responsibility is to crosscheck my team’s work. I am in total charge of profiles they send you. I never overlook the quality of profile. Maintaining the quality of profile is my main motive.
You can even visit my office. You can meet your relationship manager directly in office. You are always welcome in our office. Moreover, we are available at the office every day. We don’t take a day off, this is our dedication.
Our attitude and behavior will not change ever, after when you pay us. I have heard from many clients that the behavior changes after taking the service. I am here to maintain the discipline and I am happy to have a well-behaved staff. I am privileged to have such hardworking and dedicated team members led by Mrs. Shashi.

How Many Cases Are Matured By Your Company?

Success Stories- Matched By
You can get a direct answer on my website. I don’t think you need to hear words from me on this. Actions are much louder than words. I have many success stories, few of them are listed on my website. You can check that here.-
Yes, your success story is waiting. I am keen to add more success stories one after another. It gives me immense happiness from inside and my team too.

Matrimonial Companies Leak The Profiles And Circulate It & How Can We Trust You?

I believe this is a most genuine question, all the clients should ask from me and my team. I am more happy to answer this. Your security and privacy is my main concern.
For this, I am giving full credit to my IT team. No team member can open our database outside our office. Though, I trust my team members fully. Just for our client’s concern, I maintain the privacy of my client’s data. I am here to continuously monitor my team’s activity to maintain the privacy of the database.
I worked very hard to build my data year by year. As a businessman, this is my primary concern too. I will not allow anyone to leak my company’s data to anyone. It's my hard earned data and I promise to maintain the security of the data. My IT team is here to maintain the security of your’s data.
If you still have a concern, give me a call and will discuss this in detail. I know, you have more to ask on this. Your mind must be buzzing around.

So Many Companies Make Fake Profiles To Impress New Clients?

You don’t need to pay to crosscheck this. I know many matrimonial companies do this to impress new clients. I told you earlier also my focus is on quality rather than quality. I work on my business mantra.- “We send you matches neither you can reject nor they can reject you.”
So, I don’t want to send you matches to impress you. I am very realistic about this, I will send you profiles according to your profile. Suppose, you are looking for a groom and I send you an IITian whose gross salary in crores and a very handsome one. But, ultimately, he may reject you because his search preference is completely different. He will reject you for sure and I don’t want to hear anything bad from you because you can say.-“I have paid because of this profile and nothing happened.” I believe in reality check rather than fake promises.
I don’t need the money on the base of fake profiles and fake promises. I am very optimistic about this and will not allow any team member to take money on the base of fake profiles. I told you earlier, I am here to monitor all the profiles sent by my team member.

The Profiles In Your Database Are Verified?

In the case of self-registration, I first arrange a call for him/her to verify all the details. If someone becomes unavailable on phone over a longer period of time, we don’t share that profile with anyone. That’s why I am able to build a strong and filtered database over the years.

Why We Pay Maturity Amount, If We Pay The Service Charges?

We changed this in our new terms and condition. This is optional. This is your wish if you want to pay happily. Your happiness and satisfaction mean a lot to us. I have seen the clients pay us higher maturity amount than my expectations. Though, it's up to you, if you don’t want to give us the maturity amount. No one will force you to pay us the maturity amount and its totally up to you whether you want to pay us maturity amount or not.

I know you have much more to ask, Please comment your questions and I will give every question’s reply by my own.

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