Brahmin Marriage Rituals And Ceremonies:- This Is How It Starts & Ends


June 10,2019

Brahmin Marriage Rituals And Ceremonies: This Is How It Starts & Ends

Brahmin Marriage Rituals | Brahmin Marriage Ceremonies

Most Important Marriage Rituals & Ceremonies For All Brahmins

Wedding is most important part of everyone’s life, which comes once in a lifetime. When we talk about marriage in India, you can’t imagine an Indian wedding without big ceremonies, celebrations, some showoffs, colourful, ceremonies and rituals. Every community have their own rituals and ceremonies, they perform it their way. The traditions and ceremonies in our country is manifested on religious and spiritual values. These rituals are performed in our country from ancient times and they are still carried out by hindus. They performs all the rituals and ceremonies at the time of marriage. All these rituals have a hidden meaning and known to all. People love to perform these rituals traditionally. This is how Brahmin matrimony or brahmin marriage starts and ends, which are as follows:-

Siddhant Ceremony:-

This all starts with a sidhant ceremony. In this ritual, the panjis of the families are observed by a priest. This ritual takes place before marriage. In this ritual, the marriage is accepted by priest and marriage date is fixed by the both families according to maithil panchang or lunar calender. This is the first step, which is taken before marriage.



This ceremony is similar to roka or engagement ceremony. Roka/engagement ceremonies are well known in Punjabis. But, in Brahmins, they call it with this name.-“Nischaithambul”. Both the Brahmin bride and Brahmin groom exchange rings in front of their family members. This ceremony takes place few months before marriage. They use this gap as a preparation for marriage.



The bride’s family welcomes the groom’s family at the entry point of marriage hall/farmhouse/banquet. That place is occupied by close relatives and friends from both sides(bride & groom). This ritual is celebrated with lot of enthusiasm and a great fun. Brides garlands the grooms first, followed by the reiteration the same by the groom. The bride and groom are considered as Lord Ram and Sita till end of the marriage.



In this ritual, the bride’s parents will clean the legs of the groom. Every Brahmin groom wears  the sacred yagnopaveetham on his body. Before marriage, it has three thread, but after marriage yagnopaveetham have sever sacred threads. The yagnopaveetham will be changed by bride’s father.


Gauri Pooja:-

This ritual is performed by the bride before she enters the kalyana mandapam. The main reason behind this ritual is to form a strong bond with her prospective husband. Brides offer special prayers to take blessings from goddess gauri and lord shiva for her happy married life.



A bamboo basket is carried out by maternal uncles to the mantapa. The reason behind this ritual is- giving responsibility of her beloved niece to the prospective groom.



This is one of the most important ritual of all brahmins. In this ritual, bride and groom will keep jeelakarra bellam on the top of each other’s heads, while looking in each other eyes. This ritual is performed for the health and long life.



In this ritual, the Brahmin couple takes seven rounds around the holy fire. They takes oaths with each other, which is explained by the priest. After completion of seven rounds, the groom  ties the manglasutra around the neck and applies the sindoor on her forehead which is followed by flowers rain by all the close relatives of both families.



This is the last ritual performed by the bride’s family. Bride’s father gives the bride’s hand to the groom’s hand, followed by the vedic mantra. They give the responsibility of their beloved daughter to the groom and his family, and request them to take care of their daughter. This is quite emotional ritual.

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