September 11,2017

Why Matching Horoscope is a Compulsion Before Marriage

How Important To Match A Horoscope Before Marriage?

In India, the Kundali Milan or horoscope matching is compulsory and very much important before the marriage of both the bride and the groom without matching the horoscope no talks are done further from both the side of the family because it has great importance in our Indian culture and society. Kundali is the mathematically calculated chart which based on numbers, stars and all the ruling celestial bodies, where it tells and predicts many things related to your life, career, health, wealth, education, children, married life, and many all things which are important till you have breath. Nowadays many fake people have derived it from a business and driving it by fooling people with unwanted and unheard procedures towards a particular problem.

Marriage is a big affair in the whole world as it is the turning point in life of both the prospective bride and groom but in India it is more than that because for Indian marriage lasts for seven births where in the other part of the world the things are not same like, so after parents find the suitable person for their son/daughter the first thing they do is matching the Kundali or horoscope chart of both the boy and the girl. While matching the Kundali the thing which is taken into consideration is the match of Gunas. There are eight(8) Gunas, and the numerical sum of them use to be thirty-six(36) then out of these thirty-six Gunas the numerical which would be calculated will decide whether you are astrologically are compatible to each other or not if not then stop this here and if it gets match then things are taken further.

From the sum of thirty-six Gunas minimum eighteen (18) Gunas should be a match and maximum it can be to thirty-six. How much high would be the score or the compatibility sum that much levels of compatibility you would have with each other after the marriage. After the marriage, the changes in the movement of planets affect each other’s life. Like financial stability, compatibility, or possibility of child birth and many all things. In fact, it tells the long life of relations with family, husband, and wife.

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