July 12,2017

Wedding Rituals in Five Different states of India

5 Different States Marriage Rituals In India

Marriages are the big affairs across the world holds lots of importance and meaning where the wedlock rituals add some more emotional importance and meanings with the newly created knots of many vows which both the spouse take for each other and redeem those vows for the whole life. But in India, the wedding rituals have plenty of sub-rituals which imbibe different thousands of color and meaning. India is the only country where wedding ceremonies changes but with the same meaning of importance of partnership, in India, each state has their own different matrimony rituals which are different from each other completely like different bangle rituals in India. We are of the best marriage site in India, and also sharing some marriage rituals in 5 different states of India:-


1.  Wedding Ritual Of Bihar

In Bihar wedding ceremony it is ritual in which when the bride enters the home of her husband and in-laws after bidding farewell to her family her skills are tested with a ritual in which the bride has to put all earthen pots from the ground and place on the head one over another which is given to her by her mother-in-law.

2.  Wedding Ritual Of Gujarat

A completely different and zany wedding ritual took palace in Gujarati marriage which is called Madhuparka where the parents of the bride have to wash the feet of the groom from the liquid mixture of milk and honey and after washing the groom has to drink few drops of it.

3.  Wedding Ritual Of Maharashtra

In the Maharashtra wedding a ceremony takes place which is called Antrapat in which a shawl of silk fabric is put between the groom and the bride to separate them until the groom does not tie the Mangalsutra around her neck which are recited in the diyas brought by the bride’s maternal uncle after that the shawl is removed.

4.  Wedding Ritual Of Manipur

In the Manipur, the bride and groom both have to release two fish in the pond which represents the release of evil. When the two fishes move side to side it is said to be a good sign of wellbeing. It is important there to release evil power before starting new wedding life.

5.  Wedding Ritual Of Kumaun

In the Kumauni wedding, the flags play important roles where two flags are used that are the red flag and white flag where both flags represent the bride and the groom. The white flag leads the baraat and the red flag is placed around the bride.



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