June 24,2017

Storyline 14th Mega Professional Event By Vivahsanyog.com

14th Successful Mega Professional Meet By Vivahsanyog

After the successful completion of thirteen mega matrimonial events, we had organized a Mega Professional Meet for the professionals including Kayastha, Brahmin, Gupta, and Aggarwal community professionals, on 18th of June, 2017 held at ISKCON temple located in East of Kailash, New Delhi.

Around 380 people gathered and congregated with true enthusiasm in the Mega Professional Matrimonial Meet. The event started with the Registration process where the already registered client whose presentation had been prepared, directly entered in the auditorium and for the walk-ins we had done an arrangement for registration and then and there our IT personnel had prepared the presentation of them which we use to present to all clients, from which more people joined us simultaneously.

At 11 AM all the clients assembled in the auditorium and from the blessings of Lord Krishna we began our Mega Professional Event where the opening was done from the lamp lightening by our director. Our anchor started the event and led it further, where after the National Anthem, the event proceeded.

The anchor called one name at a time after which the prepared power point presentation of the participant was present on the screen through the projector and the family of the prospect has to come in front, our anchor announced the brief detail of the prospect after which the family were asked and said to tell about match preferences for their son or daughter. After the announcement of the first name, the other clients were said to note down the name of the prospect they are interested in for the meeting on the notepad provided by us in the docket set.

After the completion all the announcement procedures we had arranged the lunch for all the clients which were scheduled to be at 2:30 PM and after the lunch those clients who had noted the name of other prospects and had shown interest to meet respective prospects, for them we had arranged meetings in the premises of the hall and for those who still had any divergence in their choice we had an arrangement for them where the presentation was displayed in a sequence of all the boys and girl three times.

The Mega Professional Matrimonial Meet of ours completed successfully with the great participation of vivacious clients.

Thanks to all the participants who actively participated in the event and made it a triumphant one. 

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