August 30,2017

StoryLine: 15th Mega Matrimonial Event For Late Marriage And Re Marriage by

Successful In Organizing 15Th Matrimonial Event For Late Marriage & Re-Marriage

Everyone needs a partner in their life with whom one can share his/her thoughts, opinions, and heart’s feeling and unsaid talks, that’s why at a certain time one feels the deep need and importance of having a partner where the partner is not just soul mate but a true and best friend. Some meet them and some just get busy in achieving their dream goal and elevating the career, those who find their mate are lucky but not everyone is blessed with the long lasting partnership with them, the reason can be many or just only one. But the need of having the desired partner feels by everyone and apart from experiencing the broken relationship one gives chance to him/her again and that’s good because everyone has the right to live a lovable and happy life with their partner.

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That’s why we had organized a Mega Matrimonial Event for the late marriage and re-marriage in Radisson Blu, Paschim Vihar on 27th of August, 2017 where approx. 350 people have gathered together to search and find their desired match.


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The already registered client entered the hall directly where the event was organized and those who were walk-ins came after seeing the ads we have given in the respected newspapers and magazines, we have arranged all the facilities for the registration process and to make the power point presentation in a smooth manner for them.


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The event started with the lamp lightening process where the Director of lit the lamp with the wish for the prospects that they would find their desired match here forwarded by the National Anthem of our India. After it, the anchor led the whole event binding with the gathered audience where the profiles of the prospect were announced with the displayed power point presentation in which a brief detail of the prospects along with their picture is shown.

All the profiles were displayed one by one count where during the announcement of their profile the prospect and his/her family were invited forward to tell more about them and their family and what kind of a partner they desire.

After the completion of all the respective announcements, we have arranged the lunch for the prospect and their family members. And after taking the lunch, the prospects were told to give the name of the prospect they find suitable for them so that we could arrange their meeting with them. We also announced the details and name of the prospects those who were not present before so that they would be not deprived of the ideal opportunity of finding the desired life mate.

The event went smooth and our clients made it successful by participating with great enthusiasm and positivity.

Thanks to all the participants who have enthusiastically participated in the event and made it a successful and fulfilling one.


If you have any suggestions, Please email us your suggestions at Our inputs will be valued by us for the enhancements in further matrimonial events.


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