May 15,2017

Saat Phere Seven Round’s Momentousness

7 Vows Of Hindu Marriage & Signification Of Hindu Marriage Vows

All the colors of the world are in the seven rounds of life this is the real meaning of Seven Vow, 7 Vow is the ritual performed by the bride and the groom. In Hindu wedding ritual the significance of Saat Phere i.e. seven rounds is utmost. In this sacred ritual, the bride and the groom have to circumambulate around the pious fire i.e. resemble of god of fire(Agni deva) and take seven rounds, within each round, there exists a momentousness of the marital relationship.  Each consecrate round or Vow is a promise, the bride, and the groom use to give to each other while taking each round around the holy fire, it is said that after taking these seven rounds in the presence of sacred fire, the bond between the spouses become unbreakable and they would become inseparable even after their arrival from the earth. In fact in Hindu mythology, on the basis of our Vedas, it is said that after these seven consecrate rounds or Saat Phere or Seven Vows the couples becomes of each other for seven lives. Each Phera is composed of different commitment; covenant, agreement, and vow with distinguish momentousness. 

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First Vow:

In the first round or Vow, the new couple, taking the sacred fire as a witness, prays to the deity to bless them always with plenty of food and respectful life.  

Second Vow:

In the second Vow or Phera, the couple prays to god, for the better mental and physical health and asks for a prosperous life ahead.

Third Vow:

In the third Vow, the groom and the bride promise each other that both of them will be the source of encouragement to each other and at each and every downfall of life of both of them.

Fourth Vow:

In the fourth vow/ sacred round, the new couple promises each other to help and respect each other’s family, they pray for the well-being of each other’s parents and family.

Fifth Vow:

In the fifth holy round or Vow, the couples pray to god to bless them with noble and beautiful children. They also take a vow that both of them will be beside each other always in every situation whether good or bad.

Sixth Vow:

In the sixth consecrate round or vow says where the couples ask god for the long life of each other and their togetherness travelling through all situations.

Seventh Vow:

In the 7th vow or Seventh and the last round the couple prays to god to bless them with togetherness, understandability, love, and happiness long life and promise each other that they will always maintain the trust and love always. is one of the best online matrimonial site in India, where you can register yourself for free and start searching your life partner.




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