Punjabi Wedding Rituals: Pre-Wedding Ceremonies


April 15,2017

Punjabi Wedding Rituals: Pre Wedding Ceremonies

Punjabi Wedding Ceremonies


Punjabi weddings are said to be the most optimistic, cheerful and sputtering or we can say rocking weddings amongst all. All the performed rituals have different, specific meanings within which the groom and bride entitled of each other for the seven births. In lots of movies, the Punjabi weddings use to be shown by the director and producer the most as everyone loves it and like it every time. All the rituals full and fill with lots of joy, happiness, and love, the presence of these are in all marriage rituals but the thing which makes Punjabi weddings different that others are, all the rituals in the Punjabi ceremonies are vibrant where without dance nothing begins forward. "Vivahsanyog.com Punjabi Matchmaking Site is one of the leading punjabi marriage bureau. Find verified punjabi profiles for marriage. You can register free and start searching a perfect life partner."

Let’s take a read at the joyful wedding rituals of a Punjabi wedding:-


Roka Ceremony | Punjabi Wedding Rituals | Pre Wedding Ceremonies | Vivahsanyog.com

The first pre-wedding ceremony performed in the Punjabi weddings is Roka. This is unofficial engagement ceremony. The true meaning behind the Roka is acceptance and finally a stop at the search of a groom for a bride and of a bride for a groom. Exchange of wishes and gifts takes place. In this ceremony, the soon to be groom and bride stopped for each other for forever.

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Taka Ceremony | Punjabi Marriage Ritual | Pre Wedding Ceremonies | Vivahsanyog.com

After the Roka ceremony the rituals of Taka ceremony takes place. This ceremony is done at bride’s house. Groom’s family visits bride’s family and they together decide the date of the wedding and other marriage ceremonies.



Engagement | Sagai | Mangni | Pre Wedding Ceremonies | Vivahsanyog.com

One week before the wedding date the colorful ceremony, Sagai or Mangni takes place. This is the official engagement ceremony.This ceremony dons at Groom’s place or at the Gurudwara. Where lots of family close members from each side meet with each other and express their love and happiness. In the presence of loved ones, groom presents the lifetime alliance in the form of a ring to bride and bride presents the prosperity and kinship in the form of a ring to the groom.


Chunni Rasam: 

Chunni Rasam | Punjabi Wedding Rituals | Pre Wedding Ceremonies | Vivahsanyog.com

The next sacred ritual after the Sagai Rasam is Chunni Rasam. This ritual is performed at the Bride’s house where Groom’s mother comes with a Chunni symbol of acceptance from the groom’s side which signifies that from this day she is the part of the family and she is expected to respect and to always keep the proud and pride of the family elevated. The Bride wears the jewelry and outfits gifted by the In-Laws of Bride. After this, the Groom puts some Sindoor at her head as the mark of acceptance and commitment. The exchange of gifts takes place under the shower of best wishes of loved ones.


Mehendi And Sangeet:

Mehendi And Sangeet | Punjabi Wedding Rituals | Vivahsanyog.com

Mehendi, a fruit of the mignonette tree, is the main pre-wedding ritual in this, the henna for the bride’s ceremony has to arrive from the groom’s side along with some other gifts like fruits, the dry fruits, and sweets. In Sangeet ceremony the groom’s and Bride’s family sing and dance on traditional folk songs.


Chuda Rasam:

Chuda Ceremony | Punjabi Marriage Rituals | Pre Wedding Ceremonies | Vivahsanyog.com

The last pre-wedding ceremony is Chuda Rasam where the maternal uncle of Bride helps her to wear Chuda, where Chuda is the set and combo of red and white color bangle where white is the sign of piece and red is the sign of love. After this, the girl smudged with the mixture of mustard oil and turmeric by all the ladies who smear that paste on Girl’s face, hand, and feet. In the sacred and pious water, the girl takes bath and then wears her wedding or Bridal dress, given by her maternal uncle.




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