May 25,2017

Myths about Manglik Dosh

What Is Manglik Dosh? Facts About Manglik Dosh

In our country, India, most of the faults arise due to perception and misconception in which Manglik Dosh is one. This fault or Dosh is formed when mars is in the first house i.e. Dominant, Fourth house i.e. house of mental serenity, seventh house i.e. house of marital life, eighth house i.e. house of life of life, twelfth house i.e. house of financial loss or crisis.

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First House:

When mars give its presence in the first house then it is said that the situations of fights between the spouses get increase and it can worsen the situation and cause, physical violence.


Fourth House:

The fourth house is the house of peace or serenity of mind but when mars come into this house, changes regarding the job take place and frequent change in profession mostly in downwards, financial or economic instability.


Seventh House:

In the presence of mars in this house the differences arises with the love ones or family. This can cause short temperateness.


Eight House:

Person having this dosh when mars present in the Eight house, the chance of losing his parental money or property increases and the person would lose his/her temper shortly.


Twelfth House:

Mars in the Twelfth house, when comes, could cause sudden crucial financial catastrophe or crisis, lots of situations of trouble and complexities would occur, arise the problem of the mental health.



The Impact by Manglik Dosh from the perspective of Astrology:

1. It is said that if the person is having this dish, there would be Delay in the marriage of his/her.

2. There would the presence of disturbance always in the married life.

3. The difference in the thoughts and decision making.

4. Problems in the economic and financial condition.

5. Can cause the sudden and fatal death of a spouse.

6. It can also cause differences from family and increment of enemies.

Things like these use to be said about the Manglik Dosh. And the solution for it is, find a Manglik person like you and marry him/her.



Myths About Manglik Dosh:

1. It is said that if a Manglik won’t marry a Manglik, he or she would die, is it means then all the people who died were all Manglik, think.

2. Lots of people die across the world due to natural disaster, accidents, plane crashes, illness, after starving, so does it means all the people who died were affected from the Manglik Dosh. It’s a myth.

3. If planets play such an important role then why just because of mars the person will die, it can be caused by the alignments of other planets.

4. Stay away from the imaginary words and their creator like double, triple, and quadric Manglik kind of self-created words, there is nothing like this is in existence in the Astrology.

5. The perception of the late marriage of a person having Manglik dosh is a myth truly, late in the marriage can occur due to lots of situations like career, studies. It can be due to financial condition.

6. The problem of late marriage mostly occurs due to our preferences, we start our search my taking our preferences with our self. And continue our search till we do not meet our preferences.


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