Inter-Caste Marriages And Their Effects In India


August 13,2017

Inter Caste Marriages And Their Effects In India

Inter Caste Marriage And Effects In India

Caste And Marriage In India

On this 70th Independence Day of India, we will take a look at how our Indian society takes Inter-caste Marriages.

In India, marriage is the biggest and the most important affair in everyone’s life after taking the birth on earth that’s why parents search very well for the prospective bride or groom for their son or daughter after the thorough inspection and a kind of investigation because it’s the matter of whole life and no one would like to take this risk ever and do not want to repent further in future that’s why before starting the search they settle some points in their mind that they will only take those matrimonial profiles into consideration which would be only of their caste, community, and religion. They would never like to get their child married to the other caste’s prospect, the inter-caste marriage is the biggest issue especially in India where no one consider it good and acceptable instead they seriously condemn it with their full power and efficiency either by hit or by trial method they put all their effort from toe to head in stopping such marriage as according to their orthodox thinking the inter-caste marriage is a bad thing and it is important to stop this.


Honor Killing In India

Honor Killing Explained By

In love marriage if the boy and the girl both belong to different caste especially in the small town and village area then a serious action takes place against them by the local authority who thinks they are given the task of separating the two and whatever wrong thing they do in stopping them all things would be valid and good, a lot of settlements they try to make, in fact, if the boy and the girl of the same village would like to marry with each other or one can say dare to do so then firstly they would be said that as they belong to same of another caste village then they should admire each other like brother and sister. And if they do not convince by all these and stick to their love than the villagers or the head of it along with their men use to torture them and many times they are killed brutally by their own family and loved ones as they think they have done a shameful act by loving someone who doesn’t belong to their caste.

In India lots of honor killing have took place by the family of the victim who were assaulted and were tormented brutally, only 5 % of inter-caste marriage takes place in India where most of the couples get to escape from their home to the other town to seek new life together but still are afraid of getting killed by their own family if they would get any information about their whereabouts.

In the year 2015, there well approx. 251 cases of honor killing were registered by the Indian police authority and from that year the cases of honor killing have been increased by 800%. The women are raped, attacked with acid, shot dead by the member of her own family and relatives and the men are killed badly.


No Arranged Marriage In Inter-Caste

No Arrange Marriage In Inter-Caste Explained By Vivahsanyog.cvom

In India, the parents avoid looking at those profiles which do not belong to their caste and community. They also avoid this as they are afraid of getting boycott from the society as the rules and principles of society prohibit it. But what and why one has to do anything with society, why it is important to take into consideration of happiness of society instead of our happiness. To what extent killing and letting other to kill their own child is good and appropriate. Everyone has their own life one should never interrupt life of others without asking as at the end happiness matters. 

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