May 15,2017

How to Identify Fake Matrimonial Profiles


Where will be the real, there also will be the fake. Various incidents of the fake matrimonial profile of boys and girls have become a platitude. It has become important to be alert while searching and chatting online. Because of these fake profile incidents the people who genuinely wants to create a profile scruples to make any account on any online matrimonial site. So we are sharing how to identify these fake accounts on matrimonial sites


Check The Details Carefully: 

If anyone shows interest in your profile that’s good but before responding and after getting interested from someone on the online matrimonial website check the profile of that person first. Read all the details carefully given by them, after getting satisfaction reply if you feel like to.


Check The Profile Pictures:

Profile picture would be always available to check, so, in case you get response by any profile, first of all check the profile picture, if anyone has old picture or some wallpaper kind like related to nature etc. so that means he or she is just wasting time of others and is not serious about marriage at all then ignore just profiles.


Asking For The Number On First Chat:

If the person asks for your number on your first chat with them, at that point do not share your number with them as among the sign of a fake matrimonial profile it comes.


Analyse During Chat:

During the conversations on chat try to analyse each and every detail, if he or she is giving you his/her personal details on first chat and asking you too then that means there could be something is fishy. At that time be careful and do not give them any detail related to your personal life in the first conversation.


Do Meetings In Public:

If after getting satisfy on chatting process you think and are planning for the meeting check where they are calling you, if they are calling you in the public place then than that’s good but if they are saying to meet at a deserted place then they are totally fake and not interested in marriage, so always say No when you have been asked to meet.

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