September 13,2017

How The Relationship With In Laws Affects The Marriage?

How The Relationship With In-Laws Impacts The Marriage?

After getting married both the man and woman binds with the family of each other where in India, the bride has to leave her father’s house and step into her husband’s house where she starts her new life with a new family and her in-laws. The relationship with the in-laws concretely affects the relationship with the spouse, in a recent study conducted by Terri Orbuch it was revealed that the husband who would have good relationship with the family or parents’ of the wife, that relationship last for long but the relationship of the wife with her husband’s parents always used to be complicated.


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The Love of girl with her own parents of use to be unconditional but not with the in-laws, it takes time to a woman while making the bond with the in-laws strong especially the relationship with the mother-in law which matters the most as she is the mother of her husband. But it depends on both as the river of relationship has two shores which use to travel parallel in order to maintain the balance of the family.

There are two things which can be possible in the relationship with the in-laws, first they will accept each other happily with love and the second thing which can be occur is, they will both not like each other and frequent arguments, conflicts, and fights may emerge, in first, the relationship between the spouses will get strong by each passing days and in the second their relationship also gets affected in an unwanted way which would decrease the peace and increase the tension and stress in the environment.

When the wife and the in-laws are not able to adjust with each other there the husband faces the comments and conflicts from both the side which may affect his mental health due to the continuous fights and arguments of both wife and his family, at a certain point when both rejects to cope up with each other the man starts ignoring to come home as he does not want to face the same daily blame game between his wife and family, the main thing which makes the situation worse is that he cannot say anything to his wife and mother because if he would  try to make his wife understand and cope up she could attack him with the questions and bitter comments and if he would do this to his mother she may feel bad, so to ignore the duel in mind he would try better to ignore all the things.

There, where the wife accepts the family of her husband and the family of the husband also accepts her with love then that family could become an example of heaven on earth where there is bliss, love, and happiness in the relationship of each other, a true example of happy family or sweet home establish. Scientifically, those who have happy family do not have much health issues as the main diseases which give birth to the heart is stress which leads to depression.


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