July 15,2017

Beware Of Fake Matrimonial Profiles On Online Matrimonial Sites

Tips To Identify Fake Profiles On Matrimonial Sites

The concept of marriage has changed with the arrival of Online Matrimonial Sites in India where searching and finding partner are done from the keys and the mouse, the online matrimonial sites have changed the concept of arranged marriage, one just have to create an account and register themselves, after that they can start their search for the respective bride and groom. But in the run of searching lots of people encountered with the fake matrimonial profiles, it is not possible to stop those nuisance creators but one can keep them away and safe from befooled by those fake matrimonial profile holders. There are some points which Vivahsanyog.com will tell you how to identify fake matrimonial profiles.

1. Do check all the details and information carefully and smartly. Without checking the profile does not send or accept the express interest request as the response.

2. Keep a check about the display photo. If the person, whose photo is not there, do not approach them and when you get an express interest from them either ignore it or just keep the low level of conversation.

3. While the process of chatting keep in mind about his profile, keep track about what he had filed and what he is telling you now when you get the difference in details he had filled there and telling you, then simply remove him from the list.

4. If the prospective profile is asking you for your personal number and wants you to meet him/her then do not say yes until you feel satisfied with their answers of your questions while the chatting process.

5. Do check whether he had provided his contact details on the Matrimonial Site and other important information or not. If the details are incomplete than it is an alarm or sign that the profile is fake and you do not need to accept any request from that.

6. The Matrimonial Services have replaced the traditional marriage brokers, but where there are goods, evil born automatically. To be safe from the fake matrimonial profile the one trick is to check the uploaded government id proofs if they haven’t uploaded then avoid that profile.



How To Identify Fake Matrimonial Profiles

Prospective Profile Can Not Be Tailor Made

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