July 06,2018

Because My Daughter Deserves The Best


That’s the wish of every parent right from the day the child is born. Be it education, comfortable lifestyle or life partner, they want  it to be the utmost perfect for their child. But we forget one thing, THINGS CAN BE MADE  PERFECT EASILY  BUT THIS IS NOT THE CASE WITH RELATIONSHIPS AND HUMANS .They proceed towards perfection eventually .

Life partner can never be tailor-made. We, as humans, have  one or the other shortcoming and we have to accept that this is the case with every human on earth . Sooner or later we have to accept this. The sooner a person accepts the fact, easier is the search for a life partner.

In the past one decade, as a matchmaker(and running matrimonial site) I have experienced that  girls’ parents are more particular about their preferences. Obviously the major underlying fact is that they are concerned because a daughter has to leave her parents’ house and get settled in a new place with new family members.

Below mentioned are some of the major concerns/worries of parents and the girl in question of course regarding marriage :


1.  We Need A Small Family

Joint families have almost evaded in the past two decades. More than 75% of the families in urban areas are nuclear families. Surprisingly these days, joint families are those wherein parents live together with the boy in question. If the family has two or more than two sons, it is again considered as a large family. Parents prefer to get their daughter married in a smaller family so that she can enjoy her privacy and has to bear lesser family responsibility .The brighter side of living in a joint family is always ignored .


2.  Financial Security

Nothing is wrong with the fact that seeking financial security is always on the topmost agenda for parents when they are searching for a suitable groom for their daughter. This is the reason why Marriage Biodata of a would-be- groom mentions “PERSONAL INCOME” and “FAMILY INCOME” separately.


3.  No Compulsion For A Girl To Work After Marriage

This can be considered as a continuance to the second point mentioned above. No compulsion to work means that the girl never has to bear any financial liability of the family, that she can anytime leave her job whenever she wants to (For example when she is in family way). Parents feel that in this way, their daughter can be more stress free after her marriage.

Life has never been a bed of roses and it would never be. But yes slowly and steadily, many thorns can be plucked out of it. BUT REMEMBER “SLOWLY AND STEADILY” . Please teach your daughters not to rule their in laws’ house and life, but their HEARTS.


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