Barkatullah University Set To Empower Woman With “Adarsh Bahu Course” |


September 24,2018

Barkatullah University Set To Empower Woman With “Adarsh Bahu Course”

Barkatullah University Set To Empower Woman With Adarsh Bahu Course

Bhopal's Barkatullah University Set To Launch Adarsh Bahu Course For Woman Empowerment

A university in Bhopal named Barkatullah University has taken a responsibility of preparing “Adarsh Bahu” or “model daughter-in-laws”. Barkatullah University has launched a course name "Adarsh Bahu Course" to overcome a social problem. This course is of short duration i.e 3 months. This three months course will be launched from the next academic session. The main objective of this course is to educate a girl in such a way that they can adjust to the new environment after marriage. This course is started by the university keeping woman empowerment in their minds.

According to some interview given by their Vice-Chancellor(VC) D.C Gupta said.- “This is a short-term course i.e only 3 months duration course. These days, we see that social evils are breaking families apart. As a university, we have few responsibilities for society as well. We should not be limited to academics only. Our main motive is to prepare a bride, which will keep the families integrated.”

He further added that, “These days, a small issue is enough to start disputed among the family members and because of these disputes, families are breaking apart easily. People start fighting within a year of marriage and these fights even go to the extent of divorce. So afterward, what will happen to a girl and the family? So we should do something to stop this that saves the families breaking apart.”


Now the question is what exactly will be taught in the course

D.C Gupta further said, “Sometimes difficult situations arrives in a family. We will teach girls how to deal with such difficult situations and save the families breaking apart. We will also examine the evils in the society, which contributes to such a break down of families. We will teach them how to deal with such evils. This is a social problem. It is a step towards solving a social problem and we want to empower women from this course.”


What will be the minimum qualification for admission

D.C Gupta said 30 girls will be admitted in the first batch of this course. Regarding the minimum qualification, he said it is too early to say anything about minimum qualification. According to some source, feedback will also be taken from the girls and their families.


According to Times Of India, Head of a phycology department, Prof.  K N Tripathi appreciated the decision taken by VC and said, “It is a great thought for a noble cause to make a difference in our society. I don’t want to say anything more than that.” a matrimonial site, also appreciate the decision taken by the VC. The idea of educating a girl in such a way to maintain a balanced life after marriage is a great decision. Further addition by, there should be a course for grooms too. There will be extra responsibility on grooms also post marriage. This will help grooms to strike a balance between marital relationship, family and work life. This course will act as a catalyst for the “Adarsh Bahu Course” as this will make the bride’s course easier to follow.

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