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August 12,2017

An Ideal Bride For Marriage As Per Of An Indian Man

Ideal Bride | Ideal Bride As Per Indian Man

Ideal Bride: What A Man Wants In A Bride

In our country India, marriage is the biggest matter like an issue and concept in which everyone is interested to share their views, thoughts, and opinions, whether they were asked or not. They think it’s their birthright to express their view regarding what kind of partner the prospect should have especially in the case of looking for a bride. We are living in the 21st century but still, we behave like the same hypocrites in the concept of perfect bride whether their son would be perfect or not. There are lots of things which have made the mentality and thinking of all the peoples from severe years. The partner preference of both the man and woman are different and nothing makes both the preferences similar or meets at some point. Today, in here we will discuss what are the perfect partner preferences of the Indian man. This is how bengali bride get ready for her marriage.


1.  Beautiful

Beautiful Girl |

To marry an Indian Man the woman should be beautiful. This is the first partner preference of them of their prospective partner whether they themselves are good looking or not. Even a guy with average looks wants to have a diva as his life partner.

2.  Only Fair Is Beautiful

Only Fair Is Beautiful

In our India, do not know it’s a misconception or some kind of disability we have in our society the definition of beautiful as per of them is fair. If a girl is fair she is beautiful but if she would have dark complexion then she does not have any right to be called beautiful.

3.  Slim

Slim Girl |

The second thing which as per of Indian man describes the woman as beautiful is the waistline. The Indian man wants the slim woman as their bride who has created a craze whether or can say due to restraints to be liked by the prospective guy their parents have searched and his family.

4.  Always Take Care Of Him

Always Take Care Of Him

The Women were always said by their family that she should keep her husband happy always by taking care of him and always keep in mind and heart to serve her spouse. It is said that it is the responsibility of a woman to always serve them like a servant as per of the Indian society, and this perception was passed on from one generation to another.

5.  Respect Him

Respect Your Man

In our India, the daughters are taught that their husband is their God and you have to respect him in all circumstances. That’s why after having most of the domestic violence issues woman still lives as they are said their only home is their spouse’s home.

6.  Multitasking

Multitasking |

She should be multitasking, at the same time she has to do all work, making a cup of tea, preparing breakfast for the family in a variety as per the choices of all the members, do ironing, making the children ready for school, and lots more by alone on her own self. That doesn’t not matters whether the husband is reading the newspaper or watching TV he is not supposed to do any help as it’s all her work for which she is meant to be.

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