5 Special Moments Between Father & Daughter On Her Wedding Day


November 13,2017

5 Special Moments Between Father And Daughter On Wedding Day

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It is a true saying that a girl is more closer to her father than her mother. For daughter, mother is like a idol to follow but her father is more like a partner, who stays with her side in her whole life irrespective of any situation and circumstance. The first man in every girl’s life is her father. That’s why a daughter shares a special bond with her father. For every father in the world, his daughter is a little angel/princess for him.

Here we are explaining some special moments of a father-daughter journey and their special bond on the wedding day.



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1.  Emotional Journey

EMotional Father Daughter Bond | Vivahsanyog.com

From a infant to childhood to teen, father plays most important and vital role in his daughter’s life. Father plays a huge role for his girl’s development into a woman. He is the one who shapes his daughter’s opinion about men. But when girl gets older and starts approaching marriage age, her father start feeling sad with the thought of losing his precious little princess overnight. For daughter, before marriage, the first important man in her life is her father. But afterwards, any other man(Her would be groom) will be her most important person. This shift is making it more difficult for any father.


2.  Finding The Best Groom

Father Finding The Best Groom For His Daughter | Vivahsanyog.com

The most difficult part of a father’s life is choosing a best life partner for his daughter. Indian fathers are very inconvincible and always less satisfied while searching a suitable groom for her daughter. The thought of giving his little princess to a stranger whom he barely knows. This gives his father many restless and sleepless nights.


3.  Meeting The Boy

Father Meeting His Daghter Groom | Vivahsanyog.com

Whether it is a love marriage or arrange marriage, this is how father reacts after meeting a guy. Father comes up with a lot of questions. Father plays a quotinnaires round with his prospective son-in-law. Right from a boy’s education, family, financial status etc. Everything is put under a scanner.


4.  Mixed Emotions During Wedding Preparations

Mixed Emotions During Wedding Preparation | Vivahsanyog.com

Daughter’s marriage preparation brings out mixed emotions in father’s face. He is very happy for his daughter’s wedding, but at the same time he is crying also because he is giving his precious daughter to another man. Man do hide their emotion, they hardly show their emotion to others. Father is very happy in front of his family and relatives. But he starts crying when he is alone and seeing his daughter’s old photos, toys etc. The thought of his daughter’s marriage make him feel sad and happy at the same time.


5.  Giving Away His Daughter’s Hand

Father Giving His Daughter Hand Into Groom Hand | Vivahsanyog.com

Finally, A ritual performed by a father known as “KANYADAN”. A father giving his daughter’s hand in the hand of groom leaving endless golden memories behind. This is biggest role played by any father and this is the time, when a father don’t able to hide his tears in front of everyone. This is the final time to accept that there will be another man to whom she will turn her love, attention, protection, instead of him. This is the most emotional moment for a father as his daughter begins a new life. When the girl steps out of his house, his father is standing at the corner seeing his daughter. He is remembering old childhood memories when he teaches his daughter to take a first step to walk and now, his daughter is leaving home with her foot.


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