September 18,2017

5 Signs That You Are In A Wrong Relationship

Five Signs Which Proves You Have Landed In Wrong Relationship

Many people stay in a relationship but they do not know whether they are in a true relationship or in a wrong one and if you are facing this dilemma then this blog dear is off course for you which will help you and let you know whether you are in a right relationship or not.


1.  When You Feel Contempt

When You Feel Contempt |

In a relationship there are many factors which affect a relationship in both the positive and the negative way but there is one thing which is must and important to have in any relationship and that thing is respect and if you are not getting that than this is the first sign that you are in a wrong relationship love has a second form that is respect, if your partner does not respect you and behaves badly without apologizing further.


2.  If Have Nothing In Common

In the initial days of your relationship you thought you have something common but after being with each other and have learned many more things about each other and now you feel that you both do not have anything in common. When both have many things like traits, hobbies in common then both of you would get much time to spend with each other.


3.  When Communication Becomes Low

When Communication Becomes Low

The main thing which is the foundation of a relationship is communication which is much more important to have in a relationship. When both of you at the end of the day does not feel like sharing about the day’s activities or do not like to bother asking about each other’s day then it is a sign that both of you do not have any special and love like feeling for each other.


4.  You Do Not Have Trust In Each Other

You dont trust your partner |

When you are stuck in some serious problem which you can’t discuss with other and you can share them only with those whom you think are trustable ones but if the first name in your mind and heart is not coming from your partner than it is a big sign that you both are in a bad and wrong relationship. As trust is the main key to a relationship.


5.  Completely Different Path

Completely Different Path |

If both of you have different goals and path in life where the path of yours does not meet at any point of life then this is the sign that you should not waste your efforts and love in this relationship because everything would become effortless. So do not give your full in that thing which has become void.

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