5 Unique Wedding Rituals Around The World


August 19,2017

5 Different Wedding Rituals Around The World

5 Different Wedding Rituals Around The World

5 Unique Wedding Rituals From Around The Globe

Marriage holds same meaning in the whole world where both the bride and groom take vows for each other as a promise of long-lasting love, happiness, togetherness, and kinship. But the way of performing the wedding rituals are different all over the world as per of the traditions where the destination is same but the way is different. Each wedding tradition is performed in the different but exciting and amazing way, so today we will go on a world tour where you will know about the different wedding traditions across the globe. Let’s begin. Many matrimony sites have written on this topic around India. But we are presenting wedding rituals all around the world.


1.  Wedding Ritual Of South Africa

In the wedding tradition of South Africa, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents as the blessing and good wishes to their newlywed couples the fire they bring from their fireplace. Then the newlywed takes those fires and places them to their new homes fireplace together to ignite and starts their new married life together from their own home.


2.  Wedding Ritual Of Mexico

The groom of Mexico gives thirteen (13) coins of gold which are called ‘arras’ to the bride which symbolically implies the trust of him on her.

The Mexican bride on the day of her wedding carries two bouquets of beautiful white, red pink flowers, one for herself and other for the virgin Mary.


3.  Wedding Ritual Of Japan

The Japanese wedding tradition is called Shinto Style wedding, a wedding ritual there is performed which is called san san ku where, san means three and ku means nine which becomes three three nine, san  san ku. In this wedding ritual three pots which are unique in the size from each other. The bride and the groom sake three times after exchanging the cups which symbolizes the exchange of marriage vows.

After them, the parents of both take the sip from the cup which represents the strong and long bond between the families.

Before the wedding, the groom gifts a wild goose to the mother of the bride as a promise to her that he would keep her daughter happy and always would take care of her.


4.  Wedding Ritual Of Romania

In Romania, the wedding tradition completely blows the mind where before the wedding the bride is kidnapped by the friends, family, or relatives and the groom has to search and find her. After he finds his bride he has to give the asked ransom amount either in the form of money, beer, or anything.


5.  Wedding Ritual Of Guatemala

In the Guatemala wedding tradition, the bride has to wear a six feet long veil where it is believed that how much longer the veil would be, happier would be the couple.

After the wedding, when the married couple enters, the mother of the groom breaks the white bell, which is put at the entrance and is filled with the rice, flours, and other grains which represent the prosperity and happiness in the life, as a sign of good wishes for the newlywed couple.

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