October 05,2017

4 Mistakes Which Newlyweds Do After Getting Hitched

Four Mistakes Which Newlyweds Do After The Wedding Day

After taking the marriage vows and enjoying the celebration the main phase starts, where both of you starts your new life with each other together, after coming from the honeymoon the actual part of the marriage start where you reach  the ground and, to make the foundation of your relationship strong, you have to start working from the basic and to achieve this both the partner have to work hard on their partnership because from now onwards they are severe things which you have to handle and as a newlywed if you begin, then you the chances of making the relationship successful would be in the favour of yours. In here, we will discuss some important points which will act as like wonderful tips for the newlywed life betterment.


1.     Skip The Thought Of Changing Your Spouse

Skip The Thought Of Changing Your Spouse | Vivahsanyog.com

Change that thing which is harmful, either for you, family or your relationship. But do not change your spouse as a person or as an individual he/she is because you love them in the same way they are in real and before marriage that person you have chosen before your wedding as a life partner, so still you are thinking about changing your partner.


2.     Give Your In-Laws A Chance To Know You And You Too Do The Same

Give Your In-Laws A Chance To Know You Better | Vivahsanyog.com

After the wedding when the bride moves into her husbands’ house, the new family she gets there to welcome her, no one as a person has completely same belief, thoughts, opinion, or way of living life, though, something could get a match but not everything and here the part of understanding comes into existence. When before marriage you were with your parents, there, did everyone has the same way of living life, think about it, but still, you were living together happily, then why this cannot be done after marriage with your new family. Always try to remove the coldness with your in-laws, if you have.


3.     Never Get Over Possessive And Jealous

Never Get Over Possessive And Jealous | Vivahsanyog.com

Your spouse is with you and will as he/she has chosen you for the whole and by getting married and while taking the wedding vows they have proved that, yes, they are with you and will be by your side in each and every phase of life because they love you, so where the question comes out of, getting jealous. Do not get possessive over anything just be the same person with whom your spouse fall in love before getting married.


4.     Change Your Way Of Living The Life Like You Use To Live Before Marriage

Change Your Way Of Living The Life | Vivahsanyog.com

Before getting married and finding the desired life partner, every individual holds the status of being single where you have no responsibility to redeem and work on, you use to chill out with your friends but after marriage, you become the spouse of someone who uses to wait for you at home when you are out. So instead of hanging out with friends whole day save some time for your spouse to because now you are no longer single, you have someone in your life now who also deserves your time with you.             




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