January 22,2018

4 Fears Which Comes To The Mind Before Getting Married


When your parents start searching for the groom and the bride, that is the time when as per them and everyone, you are in marriageable age which might bring some storm of thoughts to your mind imagining the future with that person whom you do not know and have never seen or met before, lots of thoughts use to flow inside the brain which with butterflies give tension. Today will talk about all those fears and thoughts which encounters with passing time when your wedding day is only a few days away.


1.  Fear Of New Responsibility

Fear Of New Responsibility | Vivahsanyog.com

Marriage comes up with thousands of responsibilities, and those responsibilities bring the fear of carrying it and redeeming it. A bride when steps in her spouse’s home, from the next day she has to start holding the responsible tasks and the question, also arise related to the idol of the perfect wife and perfect daughter-in-law.


2.  Fear Of Failure Of Marriage

Fear Of Failure Of Marriage | Vivahsanyog.com

Marriage failure is the main fear which comes in the mind of the boy and the girl many times, and in the arranged marriage arrival of such thoughts comes often into the mind because both of them have not known each other where they do not know what kind of person and personality they have as an individual, this is the thing which matters the most as two personalities argue and fight with each other, not the two humans.


3.  Fear Of Infidelity

Fear Of Infidelity | Vivahsanyog.com

Everyone has a past, some have dark and some have clear like light, though there is a middle one too which exists but here two are taken into considerations. This fear of getting cheated by their spouse comes mainly into the mind of the girl, and seldom in the mind of the boy. This fear comes into the mind after hearing about such cases of cheating and breaking of marriage, from this fear you can overcome by simply telling each other everything before getting tied to the marriage vows.


4.  Fear Of New Environment

Fear Of New Environment | Vivahsanyog.com

This line “learn this thing or that thing, this would help you in future” this a national statement of Indian mothers which every girl must have listen, several of times from their mother, a mother prepares her daughter for the responsibilities she would take after her marriage and learning everything will not let her down in front of her in-laws. Adjusting in a new, a completely new environment makes every girl feel stressed with the thought of how the new family will be like, will they accept her, how they will treat her and so many questions take birth in her mind.       

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