October 05,2017

4 Changes Which The Engagement Definitely Brings

Here Are The Most Common Four Changes After Engagement

After searching the prospective partner and then luckily finding the right one, either through the family members, relatives, or with the help of Matrimonial Sites In India, the next step which comes after the Roka ceremony, is engagement, where after exchange of rings with each other the new life of both starts with the unsaid commitments with each other for each other, engagement is not just a ceremony, it is a new way of living life where you happily accept and love the change which has come after the entry of new person into your life, there you know that this is the person with whom I am going to spend rest of my life. But today, lets’ talk about the changes which come after the engagement ceremony in the life.


1.     The Tender Bond, You Establish

A strong whiff of attraction towards that particular person you feel ultimately, everything seems to be fresh, beautiful, and soothing where you want to spend much more time with each other. You find someone with whom you can share all your thoughts and heart talks unhesitatingly.


2.     Your Mother Starts Making You A Perfect Cook

The happiest people in the world you would find after learning about the happiness of yours is your mother and your father. For the smile on your face they can do anything and everything, after your birth who have seen dreams of achieving you your desired goals and the most important dream and task, that is, finding the perfect and right partner for their dear daughter. So to make their daughter perfect in everything including cooking, which is much important, after the engagement, the mother makes you learn how to cook a delicious food if you want to make your new family happy.


3.     The Nervousness Which Comes After Getting Engaged

Engagement ceremony tells the couple and the whole world that they are made for each other and will tie the nuptial knot soon. But with happiness it also brings the butterflies of the nervousness in the stomach where you start feeling and thinking about the complexity, the new responsibilities with new family and a new environment the marriage will bring, and the anxious feeling of taking the new step into the new life.


4.     Getting Emotional While Thinking About Leaving The Parents

A girl has to go from her parents’ house, where she was brought up and has to take a step into the new house after she becomes a bride and then a wife. Leaving parents only for one day can make anyone feeling cry but a woman has to leave everything which she loved in her father’s home to accept the reality of marriage. This is the feeling which every girl experience after getting engaged.

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