August 11,2018

15 August 2018 Independence Day Of India


Independence day is celebrated annually on 15th of august. This day holds a great significance for the people of India. We have a rich and a long history, the Independence day is one of the best shining days in the history of India. On this day, India got freedom from British rule after a very long slavery. That’s why it is declared as the national and gazetted holiday all across the India in order to celebrate our independence with joy and happiness. We got independence from British rule on 15th August, 1947.

At that time, it never looked easy to get freedom from British rulers as were not united at that time and it was almost very difficult to get independence. But determination of our great people and our freedom fighters made it reality, which was a people’s dream at that time. Our freedom fighters sacrificed their lives so that we(the future generation) get independence. They killed their comfort, rest and faced very tough times in order to get independence not for them but for the future generation. There were two types of people at that time i.e violent and non-violent. They were fighting with different ideology, but for the same purpose i.e complete independence. At this day, all private and public sector become closed in order to celebrate independence with big enthusiasm and happiness. However, it is celebrated in school, colleges, all educational institutions.


Revolution On 72nd Independence  Day, 15 August 2018


If we believe from a source of media, The Uttar Pradesh government puts ban on the production of polythene to avoid usage of polythene bags of 50 microns from 15th August, 2018. They also put the ban on all the plastic and thermocol products such as cups, glasses or plates etc.

It is a great and brave initiative taken by Uttar Pradesh government in order to prevent us from the huge problem this century i.e pollution. This initiative is taken specially on this independence day to protect our environment from pollution, water pollution, cleaning our rivers, and all other water bodies. These polythenes are not only affecting human life but animal life also. These polythenes are non-degradable and highly toxic. According to a report, a stray cow eats tones of polyethene in a life span which result in shorted life span and cow affected with a disease. This disturbs the social balance and it affects the human life indirectly.

Also, if anyone found to use these polythenes are liable to fine and even imprisonment. welcomes the step taken by UP government and also argue our people to follow this.


Independence Day Celebrations

The whole India celebrate the independence day of our country as a National holiday. It is celebrated all across the nation with enthusiasm and joy. President of India address whole nation on the evening before the independence day. It is celebrated with big passion in the capital of India as prime minister hoists the national flag on the Red Fort, Delhi. After flag hoisting, National Anthem is sung and 21 guns are fired to salute and honour the Indian flag.

The prime minister of India highlights all the achievements of past year, talks on social issues and their respective solutions. Our prime minister also talks on future plans, strategies going forward. They also pay tribute to our freedom fighters who sacrificed their lives for the independence. Then there is a grand march by both Indian armed force and paramilitary forces. The Independence day is celebrated in all states of India where the chief ministers hoists the Indian flags and followed by the cultural programmes of the states. Also, independence day is celebrated in schools, colleges, private institutions, where principal hoists the Indian flag, which is followed by some cultural events and programs. Fag hoisting, singing national anthem, prade ceremonies and cultural programs are the trademark for this event everywhere.

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