13 Things That Are Going To Happen In Almost Every Punjabi Wedding


May 08,2019

13 Things That Are Going To Happen In Almost Every Punjabi Wedding

Here Are The 13 Most Interesting Things, You Will Never Miss In Any Punjabi Wedding

I don’t think, there is anyone in our country who have never witnessed a Punjabi marriage. If you are one of them, then I must say you would surely regret it after reading this blog. Punjabi weddings are known for never-lasting fun and “larger than life” celebrations. If you have ever attended any Punjabi wedding. Then, you are must familiar with this song.-“Punjabiya Di Battery Charge Rehndi Hai. 24 Ghante, ha, 24 Ghante.” You will feel this song a reality song for Punjabis, if you have ever attended a punjabi wedding.

From “Bari Barsi Khatang Gya Si” to “Din Shagna Da", You feel the real charm of a Punjabi wedding. Dance normally starts after getting few shots, from glass in hand and the glass reaches head while dancing. Punjabi weddings are total fun and full of madness. If you have never attended a Punjabi wedding, I would make sure that you will feel you have to add this in your bucket list(To Do Task). I must say that Punjabi weddings celebrations are one of the most glamorous events in the world. Punjabi’s are most fun loving people in the world, they make sure that same will reflect in the marriage.

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Here, I am sharing some trademarks of Punjabi weddings, which you would also enjoy.

Groom Look Like A Real Money Plant

A groom spent thousands of rupees to wear a nice Sherwani, which makes him feel to look like a king. But, all covered up by “Note Malas”. Relatives and friends hangs note malas around the neck of a groom. His sherwani more like a money all over. So, I can call him a “Chalta Firta Money Plant.”


Dancing Around Dhol

All Punjabi wedding functions are not complete without Dhol Walas be it sangeet, cocktail, wedding, reception or any other function. Most functions starts with a DJ but ends up with dancing on different beats of dhol. DJ is always overshadowed by Dhol Walas.


Never Ending Wedding Rituals

You will never feel short of any ritual. The rituals will go on and on and on. You will be amazed to know about all the rituals and every ritual have a meaning to perform, which you will feel amazing to know. Here are some Punjabi wedding rituals, which we described earlier.


Baraat Will Never Be On Time

You can also call this never ending Baraat. Even the short distance between marriage hall and sehrabandi place looks like a big journey. People keeps on dancing and dancing and intentionally takes time to enter the hall. So, baraat will always be late even if the baraat arrival time is 8 pm.


Bar Is Always There

At most weddings, people usually don’t drink until pheres is done and also stops others not to drink till pheres. But, this is not going to happen in Punjabi weddings. You will notice, bar is always full and always on the corner.



Sometimes, there is no bar in the wedding. Car-O-Bar comes in rescue in that case. There is always some cars present in the parking areas which is full of drinks. If you want to have a drink, you can just go to car parking. They will offer you to have a drink in the car parking.


Some Serious Drinkers

There is always 3-4 tables on the corner. They never satisfy with the intake of alcohol. So, they keeps on drinking and drinking. You will notice, there are some bunch of guys, who are dancing around those tables without going to DJ.


Note Ferna

Note ferna is a never ending process while dancing. Relatives and friends throws the notes in the air or they give it to dhol wala and DJ. If someone don’t have change, they will take the change from dhol walas for ferna process.


The Balance Dance

Some serious drinkers then join the DJ and ask him to play old fashioned alcohol songs like “Do Ghut Pila De” and they keeps the glass on the head and keeps balancing while dancing. In that process, some glasses breaks also. But, there is never short of fun in this activity.


Ladies Singing Folk Songs

You will be amazed after listening those songs. There are many folk songs, which ladies usually sings at the functions of Punjabi weddings. Song Like- “Aaya Laadiye Ni, Tera Seriyan Wala Aaya.”


The Critics Taking A Round

There is always some person searching for small things which they consider a blunder. We did better marriage than this. We had all types of foods- Indian, Chinese, Italian but they don’t have all. Sweet like Ras Malai is not there. Standard is much lower than us.


All Eyes On Next Would Be

Marriage is going on and all relatives are around you. If you are of same age or slighter younger than brides age/grooms age. You are going to hear a voice in your ears in all functions day and night.- “Ab agla tera number hai.”


Angry Persons

At the end of the marriage, you can never satisfy these two characters.- NARAJ JIJA JI & FUFA Ji.



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