May 16,2018

10 Ways To Convince Your Parents For Love Marriage Without Hurting Their Emotions


he idea of love marriage is still a problem for our Indian parents. They don't feel comfortable and happy with the love marriages and they still believe in traditional arrange marriage. There are many young girls and boys who believe in arrange marriages. There is no problem in arrange marriage, as long as they are happy. But the problem arise, when a couple believes in love marriage, as they are deeply in love with each other. But their parents still believe in the old way of choosing their life partner through arrange marriage. If you are facing this problem, please you don't need to worry. We will help you find the ways of convincing your parents happily without hurting them.

According to a survey, 75% Indians still opt for arrange marriage. Arrange marriages are deeply rooted in our culture and tradition. With the advancement in technologies, love marriages percentage started to rise. But still, the rise is at a lower level because it is not easy to convince your parents without hurting them.  We are giving you some expert advice for convincing your parents for love marriage.:

As a human being, you have the right to choose your partner by yourself. If you are in love and you feel your partner is good enough for you, then you start planning your marriage. But your parents are not supportive of your love marriage. You want to get married to your partner and you also don't want to spoil your relationship with your parents. Follow these below steps to convince your parents for love marriage without hurting their emotions.


     Trust Building

 You have chosen your life partner and you decided to introduce your partner to your parents. This is an even possibility that your parents might get hurt with your's decision as they are dreaming to search a perfect life partner for you. You have shattered their dream of searching a life partner for you. You lost your parent's trust and you really want to rebuild that lost trust. Open yourself in front of your parents, share your personal problems with your parents. Secondly, start behaving mature in front of them and letting them know you are now mature enough to face any difficulty in your life. You can take some crucial decisions for you and your family. This will help you to regain that lost trust.


Create Mutual Relationship & Wait For The Right Time

f you are not feeling comfortable in introducing your partner directly to your parents. Do one thing, you can introduce your partner to your parents as your friend.  Lets your parents share a good bond with your partner and build a great rapport. Bring your partner regularly with other friends in your house for meetings. This will help your partner to impress them. Then, wait for the right time to come and then you can tell your parents or give them a hint to understand the situation. This will increase the chance of convincing your parents more easily.


Share Your Views With Your Parents Regarding Marriage

You must share your views regarding marriage with your parents. You must speak and you must listen to your parent's views on marriage so that you can anticipate the best answers to every question. Also, tell them the things you don't bother at all like age, caste, religion, financial status etc. This will let them know what do you want and there is a possibility they get to know about your love marriage.


Make Your Parents See The Best In Your Partner

First, you need to talk to your parents and let them know all the positive things and qualities of your partner. You must tell them the reason why you think your partner is best one for you. Highlight the good qualities of your partner whenever possible. Arrange a meeting of your partner with your parents. Let them clear all their doubts.


Take The Help From Family Friends & Close Relatives

Meet your close relatives and family friends who support love marriages. Tell them about your life partner and your decision to get married to your partner. They are always heard in your family as they are your close relatives and friends. This will help you to convince your parents more easily. If someone in your family had a love marriage and they are very happy & successful. This will be an example in your family. Talk to them and ask them to convince your parents for love marriage.


Do Not Take Rash Decisions

When you tell your parents about your partner, you don't need to take decisions rationally. You need to be patient with a calm head. You need to maintain your patience and sanity at all times.

If your parents disapprove your partner, you don't need to get angry and take decision rationally. You might feel tempted to leave your home and get married to your partner without your parent's permission. These rash decisions must be avoided to maintain integrity in your house.


Try To Get Support From At Least One Parent

This is very obvious you are more close to one parent. As our heredity tells us, boys are more close to their mothers and girls are more closer to their father. Talk to them and request them to convince other. They will listen to each other and successfully convince other. But please make sure this will not create a barrier between your parents.


Arrange A Meeting Between Your Family And Your Partner's Family

When you have tried enough to convince your parents about love marriage. Now your parents are little comfortable with your partner. It is a perfect time to take a step ahead and ask them to meet your partner's family. Both families will communicate with each other and clear all their doubts. This will help them to erase all the doubts and uncertainties in their mind.


Be Ready For Every Question Asked By Your Parents

Parents are against love marriage for many reasons like age difference, caste difference, religion difference, economically difference etc. They will ask you some counter questions. Be ready to answer that questions. Take this thing in your mind, you don't need to be aggressive and angry while answering all the questions. You need to answer every single question calmly and patiently. Answering in a rude manner might spoil your relationship with your parents. So, you need to maintain patience throughout while answering.


Keep Fighting And Never Give Up

Never give up and be confident always. If your parents suggest you to meet another person, strictly deny it and tell them you don't want to marry anyone else. Also, tell your parents, if you don't approve your partner. That is ok, but you will never marry anyone in your life. You parents might get emotional and approve your partner because no parents want to see their children unmarried. is one the best marriage bureau in India where you can search ypur desired partner. We are most trusted matrimony site since 2010, where you can register yourself with us for FREE!!

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