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Be Safe Online

Enter a safe way online


With an aim to offer you a secured way to go ahead with searching and finding your life partner our team makes sure that every profile gets screened to avoid inappropriate information and content. We also have reporting systems for the profile that do get through our screening process. Although, we try to ensure absolute safety online we are limited to actions that are under our control. So, we have few simple safety and privacy tips for your easy and secured experience with us.


1.    Safeguard your anonymity: You can remain anonymous till the time you want to reveal yourself online. Our system allows to contact and send a private message without revealing the identity until you decide to do it. Refrain from providing your personal information that includes name, email address, contact number or address in your initial conversation. Take time and do not proceed further until you are convinced that you can trust the other person.

2.    Proceed with email address initially: Start by communicating only through your email address. You can set up a different email account for all the communication. Look for odd behavior if any as genuine people will definitely respect your space and give your enough time to decide. Avoid using the signature that includes your address or phone number for emails and do not use the regular or official email address for any conversation.

3.    Put a request for a photo: A photograph can give a clear idea and will further help you to decide whether or not to go with the instinct. allows an easy and free way to scan and upload, so there should not be any reason of not providing any picture. It is ideal to see several pictures of a person in various setup and if all you can hear is excuses, then they have something to hide.

4.    Take your time and meet when you feel it’s right: Proceed as you like, as the wonder of meeting online is you can slowly start collecting information and are not obligated to meet anyone. Start with the phone call to know their social skills. You are in-charge when it comes to taking your relationship from online to offline. You can always change your mind even if you have decided to meet.

5.    Choose a safe place to meet: It is advised to include either or both your families in the meetings. But, in case you trust a person enough to go and meet alone, inform your friend for family about the place you are going and the time when you will return.

6.    Watch out for scams and warning signs: In order to avoid an uncomfortable situation watch out for signs of inconsistencies by asking several questions. This will help in finding out your compatibility level while protecting you from liars and cons. Do not ignore any behavior of not providing direct answers to direct questions or inconsistent information about age, interest, appearance and marital status etc.